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Organ Donation Day

‘Lack of availability a major problem in India’

Death due to failure of major functioning organs is on the rise and awareness on donation of organs is the need of the hour. This was observed many a number of doctors on the Organ Donation Day that was observed here on Sunday.

Sandeep Chatrath, regional CEO of Apollo Hospital, who participated in an awareness walk held to mark the occasion on Beach Road, said that every year about 3 lakh people in the country were dying due to lack of organ availability.

“India’s organ donation rate is as minimal as 0.1 % per million compared to 33% in the western countries such as Spain. He further pointed out that out of 1.75 lakh Indians, who suffer from end stage renal diseases, only 3,000 get an organ.

“While over 50,000 need a heart transplant, only 15 get a heart transplant and out of 50,000, who need liver transplant, only 400 liver transplant are done every year. This problem can be solved only if people come forward for a good cause and donate their organs,” he said.