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Joint Commission International.

Instructions to Undergo Health Check

  • Kindly take prior appointment if possible.
  • Please ensure you have been complete fasting for 12 hours prior to check.
  • Do not take any medications, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or any other liquid (except water) in the morning.
  • Bring a stool sample in a container if possible. (Containers are available on request at the MHC counter.
  • Please bring all your medical prescription and previous medical records with you.
  • Please wear two piece loose comfortable clothes and sandals, if possible.

Kindly inform the MHC reception in case you have a history of Diabetic or Cardiac problems.

For Women’s

  • Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy are advised not to undergo any X-ray test.
  • It is advisable not to undergo any Health cheq during your menstrual cycle
  • For Appointments  Contact : Mrs.Sailaja Cell : +91 7702451616   

Apollo Personalised Health Check

We have made a paradigm shift in how health checks are delivered by un-packaging the package. At Apollo Hospitals, we understand that no two persons can have the same health status, age, medical history, physical mental well-being, lifestyle and genetic factors. Thus, we offer a comprehensive healthcare solution with elements of customization based on the personalised’ touch offered through an upfront physician consultation to understand your medical background. Apollo Hospitals introduces Apollo Personalised Health Check (APHC), a unique health plan tailored especially for you, rather than offering a standard health check for one and all.

Your health is our responsibility. Our accumulated experience of over 3 decades, combined with our diagnostic expertise and certified processes gives us the ability to create a package especially for you to suit your needs and lifestyle.

In addition to a custom designed health check, the APHC also offers optional Genetic Testing which allows personalised genetic risk assessment with the purpose of empowerment towards greater health awareness and disease prevention. This makes the Apollo Personalised Health Check the most comprehensive health check ever.

What to EXPECT

 An experienced physician will first meet you and get a thorough understanding of your current medical status, medical history, family history, lifestyle, environmental and socio economic conditions, occupation etc. These will form the basis to identify all the necessary tests/consultations which are most appropriate for you.

These tests and consults will be added to a carefully chosen baseline profile of tests and consultations, forming a customized health plan to enable an in-depth evaluation of your health screening plan for your needs. This will be followed by a detailed consultation with a senior physician along with a complete report of your test results. You’ll also get a lifestyle assessment including dietary and adult vaccination counselling.

*Terms and Conditions apply

**Optional and at an additional cost

Baseline Profile

  • Detailed Medical History & Clinical Examination
  • Haematology Profile
  • Diabetic Profile
  • Lipid Profile
  • Cardiovascular Assessment
  • Renal Profile
  • Liver Profile
  • Ultrasound and Imaging
  • Eye Screening (Snellen Chart)
  • Gynecology consult with pap smear test and breast examination
  • Additional investigations and referral consultations, if required, for a comprehensive assessment
  • Follow-up Physician Consultation
  • Diet and lifestyle Counselling
  • Adult vaccination Counselling
  • Continuum of care
  • INR 2 Lakhs* Free Insurance coverage for a period of one year against select diseases
  • Optional Consultations – Adult Vaccination Counselling, DNA Counselling, Dental Check.

Apollo Master Health Check

Lab investigations

  • Haematology: Hb, PCV, FB, PPBS, RBC,MCHC, MCV, MCH, Total WBC, Differential  Count, ESR, PTT,. Peripheral Smear, Complete Urine Analysis & Stool Examination.
  • Histopathology: Pap Smear (for women only).
  • Biochemistry: Serum Calcium, Creatinine,Lipid Profile (Total cholesterol), HDL  Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Cardiac Risk Ratio,Liver Function Test (Total Protein, Albumin,  Globulin, Total-Bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, GGTP)
  • Microbiology: Test for AIDS, Test for HbsAg.
  • Blood Bank: Blood grouping & typing

Cardiology Investigations

  • ECG (Resting)

Radiology Investigations

  • X-RAY (Chest), Ultrasound Whole Abdomen

Examination & Consultation By

  • Consultant Physician
  • Consultant Gynecology

On Consultants Recommendation.

  • Diet Counselling

Apollo Executive Health Check

Lab investigations

  • Haematology: Hb, PCV, FB, PPBS, RBC,MCHC, MCV, MCH, Total WBC, Differential count, ESR, PTT, Peripheral Smear, Complete Urine Analysis& Stool Examination.
  • Histopathology: Pap Smear (for women only).
  • Biochemistry : Serum Calcium, Creatinine, Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol,      Triglycerides, Cardiac Risk Ratio). Liver Function Test (Total Protein,Albumin,Globulin,Total-  Bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, GGTP).
  • Microbiology: Test for AIDS, Test for HbsAg.
  • Blood Bank: Blood Grouping & typing

  Cardiology Investigations

  • ECG (Resting), Echo (or) TMT (Stress test)

  Radiology Investigations

  • X-RAY (Chest), Ultrasound– Whole abdomen

 Examination &Consultations By

  • Consultant Physician
  • Consultant Gynecologist.

  On Consultants Recommendation.

  • Diet Counselling.

Apollo Well Women Check

Lab investigations

  • Haematology : Hb, PCV, RBC, MCHC, MCV,MCH, Total WBC, Differential Count, ESR,PTT, Peripheral Smear, Complete Urine Analysis.
  • Biochemistry : Serum Calcium, Creatinine,Lipid Profile (Total cholesterol), HDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, Cardiac Risk Ratio, Liver Function Test (Total protein,Albumin, Globulin, Total-Bilirubin, SGOT,SGPT, GGTP) TSH.

Radiology Investigation

  • Chest X-Ray
  • Mammography

Gynaec Examination

  • Ultrasound (Pelvic Screening),Pap Smear, Breast Examination

Clinical Consultation by

  • Gynaecologist

On Consultant’s Recommendation

  • Diet Counselling.

Apollo Express Health Check

Lab investigations

  • CBC, RBS, SGPT,Creatinine,Urine Routine

Cardiology Investigations

  • ECG

Radiology Investigation

  • X-RAY (Chest)

Examination & Consultation By

  • Consultant Physician